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Winning a Workers’ Compensation Case in South Carolina

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When someone is hurt on the job, the injuries can be far more catastrophic than the immediate physical harm. Beyond the broken bones and painful surgeries that might come right away, there are lasting effects that can haunt a person for years to come. In fact, sometimes the real losses are not fully understood until… Read more »

Filing a Lawsuit in South Carolina

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When you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries, whether physical, financial, or emotional. Likewise, your close family members may have certain rights. But these rights are not absolute. The law does require you to exercise your rights within a reasonable amount of time. This requirement… Read more »

Winning Personal Injury Cases

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A lot of people are injured every year due to negligence. According to Legal Finance Journal, nearly 27,000 tort lawsuits were filed in 2005 alone. Yet only about four percent of them go to trial. People often overestimate their chances of success, as success rates are rarely better than 50 percent. Therefore, many clients may… Read more »

Drinking and Driving vs. Texting and Driving

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On June 9, 2014, the governor signed into law a new statute prohibiting the unlawful use of an electronic device while driving, specifically text messaging. This new law carries fines and other penalties designed to encourage safer driving habits. Nevertheless, distracted driving accidents happen everyday in South Carolina. More importantly, statistics show alcohol is still… Read more »

Survival Actions in South Carolina

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When you lose a loved one due to another person’s negligence, you often will have a potential claim against that person for wrongful death. However, in South Carolina, there are two different types of wrongful death suits, and it is important to understand which is which. If you are a family member, as opposed to… Read more »

Delayed Health Concerns From Auto Accidents

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When you are in a car accident, you expect any injuries to appear quickly, simply because of the violent nature of most auto accidents. However, it is very common for symptoms and conditions to evolve over time. This can pose a problem when you are trying to determine causation, because it can be hard to… Read more »

Can You Be Held Liable for Trespassers?

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In most situations, a trespasser who is injured on private property has very little recourse to seek compensation for their injury. The act of their trespassing tends to render them unable to bring suit for any harm they may have suffered. However, there are rare times when a trespasser may bring suit in South Carolina… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation & Permanent Disability

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It is thankfully rare, but it does happen that when you are injured on the job, it can result in permanent disability. There are provisions in workers’ compensation law in most states for such an eventuality, though it can be a complex process to access them. If you have been permanently disabled by an on… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation & Chronic Pain Conditions

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Approximately 11 percent of Americans – nearly 100,000 people – suffer from pain severe and persistent enough to be called chronic. Many of them sustained such conditions from work injuries or persistent stress on muscles and joints, but at times, it can be extremely difficult for them to collect workers’ compensation or other assistance. If… Read more »