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Car Accidents In South Carolina Lowcountry Can Be Fatal

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This past week in Pawleys Island of Georgetown County, there was a fatal hit-and-run car accident. The wreck occurred on US 17, the stretch of busy highway that winds through the lowcountry, including Charleston. The victim was 57-year-old Patrick Loper, who was on a moped near the highway when he was struck. The driver of… Read more »

How A Medical Negligence Lawyer in North Charleston Can Help

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Medical malpractice cases can be particularly difficult to navigate. Hospitals and medical facilities are places that we trust to take care of and heal us, so when something goes awry or negligent behavior occurs; it is unexpected. These medical facilities have their own language and it can be intimidating to press charges against them compared… Read more »

Animal Attack Lawyer in North Charleston Fights For Your Bites

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Dog bites and animal attacks in North Charleston are a unique, but not uncommon personal injury. While many personal injuries occur because of slips, falls, work injuries and auto accidents, dog bites and animal attacks can occur anywhere, including suburban areas like North Charleston and the surrounding rural areas. Not every pet owner is a… Read more »

What Settlement Amount Can I Expect From a Car Accident?

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When you are in an auto accident, there are two possible settlements to consider: one for property damages sustained by your vehicle and a second for the personal injuries you suffered in the wreck. The at-fault driver through their insurance company should be responsible for paying both types of your damage claims. When having your… Read more »

Where Should I Go After a Car Accident?

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Auto accidents can cause a lot of confusion and raise stressful questions. The big question is, “What do I do first after I’m in a car accident?” Where should you get medical attention? Where should you take your car? Where can you go to get help in making things the way they were before the… Read more »

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Charleston: Know The Numbers

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In 2012 over $3.5 billion dollars were paid out in medical malpractice cases in the United States, with one payout occurring every 43 minutes. Eighty percent (80%) of malpractice cases involved a case that resulted in brain damage, permanent care, significant personal injury or death, in which almost a third of all malpractice cases involved… Read more »

North Charleston Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

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A lumber truck caused a traffic accident that shut down a busy section of Highway 17 in Dorchester County this week. Traffic immediately stalled to a standstill, but state troopers were quick to remedy the situation by clearing and re-directing traffic. No injuries were reported according to this story. Trucking accidents like the one that occurred… Read more »

Workers Compensation Lawyers in North Charleston SC

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Being injured on the job can put a severe damper on an otherwise active, happy life. If you’ve been forced to suffer as a result of your workplace injury, you deserve compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses. The workers compensation lawyers at Callihan, Lohr & Syracuse help you recover the money you… Read more »

Injury Lawyers in North Charleston: Recover Your Due Compensation

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It’s not uncommon for North Charleston injury victims to experience mounting stacks of medical bills and end up in debt after not being compensated appropriately by the insurance company responsible for their compensation. Insurance companies are businesses, and as such, put emphasis on controlling spending. Unfortunately, “controlling spending” too often results in those companies paying… Read more »

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in North Charleston

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Helping SC Residents Get Compensation for Common Medical Malpractice Claims If you feel that you were harmed by a healthcare professional who failed to properly provide you with medical care, you could be entitled to compensation. You’ll have to prove that that the healthcare professional failed to do something that they should have done or… Read more »