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Pedestrian Accidents

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The most recent available data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that pedestrian deaths in automobile accidents rose approximately 10 percent between 2010 and 2012. South Carolina is consistently ranked in the top five most dangerous states for pedestrians, and trends suggest that things may get worse before they improve. If you… Read more »

What Are Damage Caps?

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When someone brings a civil lawsuit, especially in personal injury, they are seeking monetary damages. They may also be seeking an injunction, which is an order compelling someone to either continue or stop doing something, but monetary damages are the primary method of redressing civil wrongs. However, in many states, damage caps have been enacted… Read more »

Surgical Malpractice in South Carolina

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Like any other person offering a product or service, doctors can be sued if their care is below the appropriate standard, especially when related to surgery. Medical malpractice is an area of personal injury law that has some specific legal hurdles to overcome before compensation may become available to you, but it is most certainly… Read more »

Child Trespassers and Premises Liability

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Premises liability is a complex area of law that can sometimes result in long, drawn out court cases. In theory, the least difficult area of premises liability is the issue of duties owed to trespassers. However, if that trespasser is a child, a case may grow even more tangled. It is imperative that you understand… Read more »

The Role of Expert Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases

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Some personal injury cases are fairly simple, “open and shut” cases. However, some require further investigation, and some may even need the testimony or evidence of an expert in order to parse exactly what occurred during a specific accident. This is where expert witnesses usually come in. Not everyone is aware of the expert’s role… Read more »

Vicarious Liability in South Carolina

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Sometimes, people working on the clock do make mistakes. A negligent omission, or an improper turn of the wheel of a car can mean an accident, and cause harm to someone else. An employee may not be able to afford a judgment assessed against them – but an employer usually can. In South Carolina, as… Read more »

The Basics of Dog Bite Law

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South Carolina is a state full of animals and animal lovers, but sometimes, animals can get out of control. If your pet causes harm to someone, you may wind up being liable for that person’s injuries, and your pet may face even worse consequences. It is in your best interest to learn the laws your… Read more »

“Acts of God” and Personal Injury

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“Acts of God”, also referred to as “force majeure,” as defined in the legal profession are events that essentially have no causation beyond what occurs in nature, such as a tree being hit by lightning and falling over. Since these events have no causation, it is not possible to hold anyone liable for their happening… Read more »

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists On South Carolina Roads

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Automobile accidents on South Carolina roads happen too often for most people’s liking. However, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, the experience can be even more complex and draining. Understanding South Carolina’s insurance laws can help you avoid being the uninsured motorist one day,… Read more »