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Regulating Medical Malpractice Cases

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Medical malpractice, unfortunately, happens. Doctors are overworked, tired or simply negligent, and they make mistakes. When that happens, their patients are able to file suit alleging medical malpractice, and possibly be awarded compensation to help cover bills and living expenses that might not have been necessary if the mistake had not been made. However, while… Read more »

Pedestrian Accidents in Charleston

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Walking or biking in Charleston can be a very pleasant experience. The weather is normally mild, and there are some very comfortable places to walk within the city. However, sometimes someone else’s carelessness can upend your good time and the rest of your life all at once. Pedestrian accidents can be life-changing, and if it… Read more »

Hit By An Uninsured Driver? Your Options

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Under law, automobile insurance is required for every driver on South Carolina roads. However, recent data indicates that as many as 7.7% of drivers in the state do not have insurance, or are underinsured. If you are in an accident and are hit by someone who does not have sufficient coverage, you may be stuck… Read more »

Driving in Winter Weather

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Most of the time, South Carolina’s climate is temperate, even warm. However, weather has been more varied recently than it has in some time, and some are finding it difficult to deal with. Traffic accidents as a result of weather have increased noticeably, especially since the Halloween storm late last year that left noticeable snow… Read more »

Types of Damages Obtainable in Personal Injury Suits

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When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you are entitled to financial compensation if you win. However, the amount of compensation you are entitled cannot be in one lump sum. Different amounts earmarked for different losses must be requested, depending on the facts of your case. Your attorney should explain what damages you… Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents in South Carolina

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South Carolina boasts a large proportion of motorcycle riders among those who use its roads. While most people are safe drivers, motorcyclists do have a disproportionate rate of injury and fatality if a crash occurs. If you are hit by a car or another motorcyclist, you may be able to get compensation, depending on the… Read more »

Unusual Wrongful Death Claims

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Wrongful death is a civil action brought against someone when it is alleged that their negligence or recklessness caused the death of someone else, even if they did not physically murder the person. Usually these claims stem from medical malpractice or vehicle accident, but sometimes they can result from unusual situations. It is important to… Read more »

The Aftermath of a DUI

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the United States’ most pervasive crimes. Over ten thousand people were killed in 2012 as a result of someone driving drunk. Yet, despite the prevalence of drunk driving-related fatalities on our roads, the correct way to handle an accident and its aftermath is not often discussed. It… Read more »

Dog Bite Injuries in South Carolina

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In most states, there is settled dog bite law. However, when the animal is not a dog, but something else, there can sometimes be ambiguities. In fact, even when the animal in question is a dog there can be ambiguities. If you have had the misfortune of a dog attacking you, it is important to… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Guide: When It’s Not The Remedy

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When you are injured on the job, your normal instinct may be to apply for workers’ compensation. However, sometimes that is not the appropriate remedy. Occasionally, the fault may lay with a third party, and thus workers’ compensation would not cover your injuries. There are also occasions in which you are able to sue your… Read more »