Filing a Personal Injury Claim In North Charleston

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Are you considering making a personal injury claim following your injury in North Charleston? Here are 4 things to consider when making a personal injury claim:

1) All lawyers are not created equally

When it comes to selecting an lawyer to represent you for your personal injury case, understand that experience matters. You generally want to choose a personal injury lawyer who has experience handling personal injury cases similar to your case.

2) You don’t always have to file a lawsuit

A common misconception is that you’ll automatically have to file a lawsuit to recover damages for your personal injury. In many cases, injury lawyers are able to negotiate with the insurance company to recover damages on your behalf. With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may not even have to file a lawsuit to get compensation.

3) The case doesn’t have to go to trial

Even if you and your personal injury lawyer do end up filing a lawsuit, the case may not even go to trial. In many instances, personal injury lawyers can build a strong enough case in the pre-trial phase that the insurance company decides the best option is to settle with you.

When a settlement is reached, you’ll be required to sign a document that releases the other party and their insurance company from further responsibility. It’s usually best to enlist the help of a qualified, trusted personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get fair compensation and that you don’t release the responsible party from their obligations prematurely. 

4) Fees aren’t the same thing as expenses

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they don’t charge you for their time unless they recover compensation for you. Expenses are in addition to fees and constitute what a lawyer has to expend to work on your case. The lawyer usually pays the expenses out of pocket while the case is pending, then is reimbursed for them at the conclusion of the case, after the lawyer’s contingency fee is deducted from the recovery.

Know ahead of time what constitutes fees and what constitutes expenses.  You should also work with your lawyer to stay updated on the different costs associated with the case.

If you consider these 4 things before filing your personal injury claim, you’ll find the process much more familiar.


North Charleston Workers Compensation Attorney – Knowing your Commissioners

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Governor Nikki Haley appointed, and the Senate confirmed, Aisha Taylor to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission on January 31, 2013.  She is to fill the remainder of Commissioner Derrick Williams’ term.  Commissioner Taylor’s appointment will expire in 2014 unless she is reappointed. 

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission is made up of seven commissioners.  The commissioners rotate around the state during the year hearing and deciding different cases assigned to that district.  A single commissioner will stay in one district for approximately two months before moving on to another district.  Commissioners like everyone else have their own personalities and opinions.  The views of one commissioner and how he or she sees an injured worker and a particular case can be completely different than how another commissioner might see the same case.  It is important to know the different commissioners and their preferences to understand how to place your case and client in the best light possible.  The differences in commissioners can be as simple as the order of medical records submitted at a hearing and whether to email or mail certain paperwork.  But, it is very important to know these differences and preferences. 

Therefore, as Commissioner Taylor begins to hear and decide cases, lawyers who practice in the area of workers’ compensation will all be taking note on how to best represent our clients when we come before her.  Congratulations Commissioner Taylor I look forward to having you preside.

Callihan Lohr & Syracuse can provide a North Charleston workers’ compensation attorney who stays up to date on the latest in the field or workers’ compensation and help you to obtain the benefits you are entitled to. 

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 Melissa C. Syracuse

Car Accident Lawyers Taking Cases in North Charleston

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What would you do if your child was injured in an accident on a public school bus, especially if the accident was the fault of the bus driver? Five families in West Ashley are going to have to ask themselves that question following a school bus wreck this week.

“Five students injured in a school bus wreck this morning in West Ashley have been released from area hospitals and the bus driver has been cited for failing to yield the right of way, Charleston police said.

The bus landed on its side after it collided with another vehicle at Dulsey and Dupont roads, injuring the students and two drivers, police said. A passenger in the other vehicle told The Post and Courier the crash occurred after the bus went through a Stop sign.”see the whole story

The situation could have been a lot worse. What if it was your child and they had been seriously hurt? How would you pay your medical bills? How would you get compensation for the accident’s long-term effects – both physically and emotionally? You need North Charleston car accident lawyers who will strive to resolve your car accident issues. CLS Law Firm can help.

Call us today if you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident.

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North Charleston Trabajadores Abogados de Compensación para Trabajadores Indocumentados

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Carolina del Sur la Ley de Compensación de Trabajadores pone a disposición un sistema para los empleados lesionados a obtener beneficios financieros y de atención médica sin tener que demostrar que nadie tuvo la culpa.

Es un error muy común que porque alguien es indocumentado que no pueden calificar para beneficios de compensación de trabajadores en el estado de Carolina del Sur. Esta afirmación es falsa. Una persona indocumentada puede tener derecho a las prestaciones, mientras que en el empleo privado. La Ley define empleado para significar “cada persona que trabaje en un empleo … incluyendo a los extranjeros y también los menores de edad, incluyendo, si legal o ilegalmente empleados …” (SC Code Ann. Sección 42-1-130 (Sup. 2009))

La ley en Carolina del Sur incluye a extranjeros legales e ilegales contratados. Las compañías de seguros han tratado de afirmar que si un trabajador obtiene un trabajo con documentación falsa, entonces no será elegible para los beneficios bajo la Reforma de la Inmigración y la Ley Federal de Control de 1986. La Corte Suprema de Carolina del Sur ha dicho que en fecha tan reciente como 2008, que IRCA no prejuzga la ley estatal y el empleado no está impedido de prestaciones en virtud de nuestra Ley de Compensación de Trabajadores.

Uno de los mayores obstáculos para una persona indocumentada está demostrando que en realidad trabajó para un empleador debido a la falta de documentación. Es importante mantener los talones de pago de cheques y si los salarios se pagan en efectivo, es una buena idea llevar un libro de salarios con fechas y cantidades. También es una buena idea poner su salario en una cuenta bancaria con el fin de ser capaz de tener una prueba si alguna vez necesitaba que los depósitos se hicieron regulares. Sólo porque alguien es indocumentado no significa que ellos no tienen derechos en lo referente a remuneración de los trabajadores.

Callihan Lohr Syracuse y puede proporcionar un abogado de North Charleston compensación de trabajadores para ayudar a luchar por sus derechos y conseguir que los beneficios que tienen legítimamente derecho. Llame al 843-790-3476 para obtener más información acerca de la representación de Callihan Lohr y Syracuse.

North Charleston Workers Compensation Attorneys for Undocumented Workers

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The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act makes available a system for injured employees to obtain financial benefits and medical care without having to prove anyone was at fault.

It is a very common misconception that because someone is undocumented that they cannot qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in the state of South Carolina.  This statement is false.  An undocumented individual may be entitled to benefits while in private employment.   The Act defines employee to mean “every person engaged in an employment … including aliens and also including minors, whether lawfully or unlawfully employed…” (S. C. Code Ann. Section 42-1-130 (Supp. 2009))

The law in South Carolina includes legally and illegally hired aliens.  Insurance companies have tried to claim that if a worker obtains a job using false documentation then they will be ineligible for benefits under the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  The South Carolina Supreme Court has said as recently as 2008 that IRCA does not pre-empt state law and the employee is not precluded from benefits under our Workers’ Compensation Act.

One of the biggest hurdles for an undocumented individual is proving that they in fact did work for an employer due to the lack of documentation.  It is important to keep pay check stubs and if wages are paid in cash it is a good idea to keep a ledger of wages with dates and amounts.  It is also a good idea to put your wages in a bank account in order to be able to have proof if ever needed that regular deposits were made.  Just because someone is undocumented does not mean they do not have rights where workers’ compensation is concerned.

Callihan Lohr & Syracuse can provide a North Charleston workers’ compensation attorney to help fight for your rights and get you the benefits you are rightfully entitled to.

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North Charleston Auto Accident Attorney Helps You Get Compensation

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What would you do if you were injured in a car accident? Auto accidents and injuries happen every day in South Carolina. Just this week a lady was  rushed to the hospital after being injured in a wreck on I-26. see the whole story

When the police catch the man who caused the accident in the story, he’ll have to answer for any injuries he caused and the resulting medical expenses. As for the victim, a North Charleston auto accident attorney can help her get the compensation she deserves for her suffering.

Do you know someone who’s been injured in an auto accident? CLS Law Firm can provide a North Charleston auto accident attorney to help fight for victims suffering from personal injury. Call 843-790-3476 to learn more about representation from CLS Law Firm.


Medical Malpractice Attorneys in North Charleston – Ready to Take Your Case

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Every year, thousands of Americans fall victim to medical malpractice and receive just compensation. But what about Medicaid recipients, who must battle with the states in order to get their fair share of the award? The Supreme Court could affect the extent to which states are allowed to stake claims on malpractice compensation for Medicaid recipients in the future (read more).

Medicaid recipients who win malpractice suits currently aren’t entitled to all the compensation. In this case, North Carolina feels it should be able to stake a claim on a portion of the awards for the malpractice suit to help mitigate the cost of running the Medicaid program. What’s your take? Does the family who experiences hardship deserve all the money, or should the state be entitled to a portion?
Medical malpractice attorneys in North Charleston are equipped to handle your case whether you’re a Medicaid beneficiary or you have private health insurance. Choose CLS Law Firm to help manage your medical malpractice case and fight for your right to fair compensation for your pain and suffering.
Please get in touch today with an experienced North Charleston medical malpractice attorney. We will take the time to discuss your case and the law with you.  Katherine C. “K.C.” Lohr843-790-3476

North Charleston Immigration Attorneys

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Over the last several weeks, a push for immigration reform has taken more prominence in Washington due to a push by the United States Chamber of Commerce and Washington legislators. North Charleston immigration attorney’s could be quite busy depending on the final decisions made.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Thursday that the “door to the American dream must always remain open” as he announced a broad coalition of business, labor, faith organizations, law enforcement and ethnic groups intent on overhauling the nation’s immigration system.” read more…

While the details of immigration reform are hashed out in Washington, North Charleston immigration attorneys can help handle cases for you or your relatives. And if any drastic changes in immigration policy come about in the near future,  rest assured that immigration lawyers in North Charleston SC will be there to help you fight for your rights.

If you or someone you know is in need of an attorney to help handle immigration issues, contact CLS Law Firm today. North Charleston immigration attorneys at CLS Law Firm can provide the guidance you need to ensure you get fair representation.

Car Wreck Attorneys in North Charleston — CLS 843-790-3476

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This week two women lost their lives in automobile collisions in the Lowcountry.  Instead of enjoying the holidays, each woman will be buried by their families.  What should have been a joyous time will now be marred by deep sadness.

 The hustle and bustle of the holidays often makes each of us inattentive putting us at risk for accidents.  Automobile collisions can happen in a split second and can have catastrophic consequences as evidenced by the death of these two women.

 No one wants to spend the holidays in the hospital or burying a loved one.  As North Charleston car wreck attorneys, we would like to remind you to please do the following in order to be safe on the roads this holiday season:

1)      Maintain a safe speed for the conditions;

2)      Maintain a safe distance from other cars on the road;

3)      Do not drink and drive;

4)      Do not text and drive;

5)      Do not talk on the cell phone and drive;

6)      Do not eat and drive;

7)      Keep your eyes on the road at all times; and

8)      Be a defensive driver.

 As North Charleston car wreck attorneys, we see all too often the severe injuries and disabilities that result from a person’s failure to abide by the rules above.  Our time is important and precious, particularly around the holidays, and simple mistakes can have disastrous consequences. 

 From the lawyers at Callihan Lohr & Syracuse, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

 K.C. Lohr


North Charleston Injury Attorneys

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An article in Sunday’s Post & Courier focused on insurance companies’ use of Colossus, a program that applies data to secret calculations to spit out a “fair settlement offer” for a personal injury claim. At one time the business of insurance was a human endeavor and insurers would send out field agents to meet with people suffering a personal or property loss. Now the business of insurance is a profit over people endeavor according to this article.

north-charleston-injury-attorneysThe Colossus system is only one tool used by the insurance industry to retain as much profit as it can while minimizing the number and amount of payable claims. After a collision, insurance adjusters will ask to take a recorded statement without informing you of your right to say “no”. Health insurance companies will send you a questionnaire after your trip in the emergency room in an effort to recoup payments that it has made on your behalf. Your health insurance benefits booklet even gives your health insurer the right to be repaid from your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, benefits that you expected to have when you paid your auto insurance premiums sometimes to the same company for decades.

As North Charleston personal injury attorneys, we have experience in countering the insurance companies’ tricks and secrets to reduce the amount of personal injury settlements. If you have suffered a personal injury, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the effects various types of insurance can have on your personal injury claim.

Katherine C. “K.C.” Lohr