DUI & Dram Shop Laws

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When someone is stopped for drunk driving in South Carolina, they are rightly charged with driving under the influence (DUI). They may then be prosecuted or civilly sued, depending on who and what they may harm while driving drunk. However, there is very often another player in DUI cases: the bar, restaurant or other public establishment that over-serves the driver. If you have been involved in an accident where a driver became drunk after being served in a public establishment, you may have a cause of action not only against that driver, but against the bar, in what is referred to as a “dram shop” action.

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Dealing With Insurance Companies After An Accident

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Believe it or not, it is sometimes a good idea to accept an insurance company’s settlement offer, instead of pursuing your legal claims in court. There are some cases that, while they may appear straightforward to you, are likely to fail on technical points of law. Rather than take a weak case to trial and lose, sometimes an insurance settlement will give you the most compensation you can use to get back on your feet.

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Non-Physical Injuries From Auto Accidents

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Many people have the mistaken idea that if they were not physically harmed in an automobile accident, they were not hurt. This is not the case at all; mental and emotional injuries are still very much actionable, especially if they significantly interfere with your quality of life. It is possible, even important to your well-being, to bring suit for your mental or emotional injuries.

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Injury on Public Land: Who Is Liable?

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Usually, when someone is injured on someone else’s land, it may give rise to a personal injury claim under the theory of premises liability. However, if the premises on which your injury happened belong to the government, you may not be able to obtain compensation, unless the facts fit a very specific pattern. The government is immune from specific types of lawsuits, so you may be out of luck.

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Change for Workers’ Compensation Cases

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Workers’ compensation cases have a fairly linear process, designed to move along a similar path to each other from beginning to end. However, in rare instances, the condition for which you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits will change after the fact, either for better or worse, and a reassessment may be a good option to pursue. It is important that you know how to handle this change, and do not get left out of receiving what may be a different amount of benefits.

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Texting and Driving in South Carolina

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South Carolina’s roads are busier than ever, with more and more natives and tourists spending time in the many beautiful spots the state has to offer. However, busier roads have more accidents. One of the most common reasons that accidents occur is because of people texting and driving. A ban was passed in late 2014, but the specifics are still a matter of confusion for many. It is imperative that you have a good grasp of the law, or you may wind up breaking it unintentionally.

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What To Do Immediately Following A Car Accident

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No one is at his or her best after an automobile accident. When you have just been hurt, it can be a struggle to think clearly. Still, there are certain things that need to be done in the immediate aftermath of a car accident – if steps are left out, it may be harder or even impossible to establish fault or receive compensation.

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Acquiring Medical Bills During a Trial

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After you have been in an accident, one of the biggest issues most people encounter is getting their medical bills paid. Before, during and after trial, different insurance companies have different methods for dealing with significant hospital costs, and sometimes it leaves the injured person out in the cold. It is not unheard of to get your attorney involved in these matters if need be; your primary concern should be healing, not negotiating complex payments and reimbursements for whenever your insurance company sees fit to disburse the appropriate money.

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Accidents With Recreational Vehicles

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As weather improves across the state, more and more people are taking their recreational vehicles out of storage. Boats and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are becoming more and more common sights on South Carolina’s waterways and fields. But, as with any kind of conveyance, accidents do happen. It is important to remember how much damage these pleasure crafts can cause, and how to avoid being the one stuck with the bill. Read more on “Accidents With Recreational Vehicles” »