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Drinking and Driving vs. Texting and Driving

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On June 9, 2014, the governor signed into law a new statute prohibiting the unlawful use of an electronic device while driving, specifically text messaging. This new law carries fines and other penalties designed to encourage safer driving habits. Nevertheless, distracted driving accidents happen everyday in South Carolina. More importantly, statistics show alcohol is still… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation & Permanent Disability

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It is thankfully rare, but it does happen that when you are injured on the job, it can result in permanent disability. There are provisions in workers’ compensation law in most states for such an eventuality, though it can be a complex process to access them. If you have been permanently disabled by an on… Read more »

DUI & Dram Shop Laws

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When someone is stopped for drunk driving in South Carolina, they are rightly charged with driving under the influence (DUI). They may then be prosecuted or civilly sued, depending on who and what they may harm while driving drunk. However, there is very often another player in DUI cases: the bar, restaurant or other public… Read more »

Acquiring Medical Bills During a Trial

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After you have been in an accident, one of the biggest issues most people encounter is getting their medical bills paid. Before, during and after trial, different insurance companies have different methods for dealing with significant hospital costs, and sometimes it leaves the injured person out in the cold. It is not unheard of to… Read more »

Big Rig Accidents and Liability

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South Carolina has almost a thousand miles worth of interstate highway that passes through its territory. Quite a lot of traffic comes from all those roads, including large trucks. Big rigs, when driven well, are no more worthy of comments than any other vehicle on the road, but when they break down or encounter problems,… Read more »

Finding The Right Attorney For Your Case

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Tort and personal injury lawsuits make up nearly 40% of all the civil cases in the U.S. in any given year. However, along with the prevalence of personal injury lawsuits comes a prevalence of personal injury lawyers. Many people who are the victims of accidents find attorneys to help represent them in obtaining compensation, but… Read more »

Callihan, Lohr & Syracuse, LLC Recognized Among “The Best of Berkeley County” for 2013

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Each year, The Berkley Independent publishes the “Best of Berkeley County” list recognizing local organizations that have attained a high degree of professional success and client satisfaction. Callihan, Lohr & Syracuse, LLC was named by readers as one of Berkeley County’s top law firms in 2013. The firm tallied the second most votes of any… Read more »

Insurance Claim Lawyer: Find A Charleston Insurance Attorney

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By filing for insurance you have taken the proper caution to protect you in case you or your property is damaged. The monthly rate you pay works as a contract between you and your insurance company to promise that when times take an unexpected turn, you will have the funds needed to get you back… Read more »

North Charleston Insurance Lawyers Help You Deal with Insurance Companies

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When it comes to collecting compensation for an injury, the insurance company often stands in the way of you getting the amount you deserve. Most insurance companies would rather pay you minimal compensation and earn a profit than truly look out for your best interests. North Charleston injury lawyers help ensure that you don’t get the short… Read more »