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Dog Bite Injuries in South Carolina

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In most states, there is settled dog bite law. However, when the animal is not a dog, but something else, there can sometimes be ambiguities. In fact, even when the animal in question is a dog there can be ambiguities. If you have had the misfortune of a dog attacking you, it is important to… Read more »

The Concept of Notice in Premises Liability

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Premises liability is a difficult area of law to understand. One of the more complex ideas associated with premises liability is the idea of notice, and what exactly is owed to people on the premises, which ultimately depends on why they are there. This can be crucial to winning a claim, so it is important… Read more »

Personal Injury Terms, Decoded

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The average person may want very little to do with the law, if possible. So, if they wind up in court, be it as a plaintiff or a defendant, sometimes the technical jargon used in legal documents can be rather confusing. It is important to understand exactly what is going on in order to ensure… Read more »

Defective Products: What You Should Know

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You sometimes hear about products liability cases on the evening news whether it is exploding tires that cause rollover accidents or the McDonald’s coffee case.  However, product liability cases can be very complicated and technical. Three Types of Suits Product liability is a subset of tort law, and it involves the legal liability incurred by… Read more »

Premises Liability in South Carolina

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Premises liability is the term that encompasses a landowner or tenant’s duty to individuals who come onto their property.  For store owners, this may mean cleaning up spills, monitoring the premises to make sure everything is safe, and warning and fixing any dangerous conditions. This type of liability may also extend to homeowners, landlords, and apartment/condominium… Read more »

One Bite Too Many: South Carolina Dog Bite Law

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The majority of people love animals, and many of them own pets. When you own a pet, however, you are responsible for its actions. If your pet harms someone, you are liable for the damage they cause. The most common types of injuries we see caused by animals are caused by dogs.  There are specific… Read more »

Medical Malpractice in South Carolina: A Primer

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Many states have medical malpractice laws that are extremely stringent, due to the power of the medical lobby nationwide. South Carolina’s laws in particular are very specific, leading to complaints that the system is biased in favor of medical professionals and against injured patients. Understanding the intricate requirements for who may file a claim can… Read more »

The Basics of Personal Injury Law in South Carolina

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Personal injuries, such as being hurt on someone’s property, dog bites, and wrongful death can have a financial cost for you and your loved ones. In South Carolina, the law of damages attempts to return the injured person to the position they were in prior to being injured. We understand that people who have experienced… Read more »

Different Elements of Medical Malpractice

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Each year, cases of medical malpractice are brought to court when a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional fails to provide adequate health care treatment harms a patient. There are many different types of medical malpractice, which are covered below, that are made by health care professionals. Although many instances of medical malpractice may be… Read more »

Appealing A Health Insurance Denial

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Sometimes, the stable feeling you have when you are on health insurance can unexpectedly be interrupted and bring you a significant amount of undue physical and emotional stress. For example, it is often upsetting to receive a letter in the mail notifying you that your request for medical care, or a claim for reimbursement for… Read more »