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Winning a Workers’ Compensation Case in South Carolina

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When someone is hurt on the job, the injuries can be far more catastrophic than the immediate physical harm. Beyond the broken bones and painful surgeries that might come right away, there are lasting effects that can haunt a person for years to come. In fact, sometimes the real losses are not fully understood until… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation & Chronic Pain Conditions

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Approximately 11 percent of Americans – nearly 100,000 people – suffer from pain severe and persistent enough to be called chronic. Many of them sustained such conditions from work injuries or persistent stress on muscles and joints, but at times, it can be extremely difficult for them to collect workers’ compensation or other assistance. If… Read more »

Worker’s Compensation for Independent Contractors

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One of the main reasons that employees and independent contractors are differentiated is because it affects the question of who may receive benefits, such as workers’ compensation. Generally, one must be an employee to be eligible for benefits, but as the economy in the United States changes and evolves, this is no longer as cut… Read more »

Change for Workers’ Compensation Cases

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Workers’ compensation cases have a fairly linear process, designed to move along a similar path to each other from beginning to end. However, in rare instances, the condition for which you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits will change after the fact, either for better or worse, and a reassessment may be a good option to… Read more »

Toxic Torts: Do You Have A Case?

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Working with chemicals and other material like asbestos is understandably a hazardous job, and employers often take every precaution to safeguard their employees. However, sometimes, things go wrong. If you are exposed to hazardous materials on the job, there are times when it is directly because of someone’s negligence. You may be due compensation for… Read more »

Outside Influence: Third Party Work Injury Claims

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Normally, when you are injured on the job or at your place of work, you would file for workers’ compensation as the exclusive remedy for your injuries. However, on rare occasions, you may be able to bring suit against a third party if you can show they played a significant role in your injury.

Jobs Without Workers’ Compensation

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While most people are under the impression that workers’ compensation must be offered by employers, this is not actually the case. South Carolina is one of the 11 states that does not mandate workers’ compensation for every worker in the state. You may be wondering if your job is one where workers’ compensation does not… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Guide: When It’s Not The Remedy

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When you are injured on the job, your normal instinct may be to apply for workers’ compensation. However, sometimes that is not the appropriate remedy. Occasionally, the fault may lay with a third party, and thus workers’ compensation would not cover your injuries. There are also occasions in which you are able to sue your… Read more »