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By filing for insurance you have taken the proper caution to protect you in case you or your property is damaged. The monthly rate you pay works as a contract between you and your insurance company to promise that when times take an unexpected turn, you will have the funds needed to get you back on track. However, some times this trust is broken on behalf of insurance companies who try to deny your claim. If you have filed a valid claim with an insurance company for health or property damage reasons and it is denied, then you have the right to know exactly why your insurance company is not holding up their end of the deal.

Why Your Insurance Company Might Deny Your Claim

Insurance companies act in their best interests, which means they are likely to meticulously pick apart your claim to only pay you a portion of your warranted amount. In the case of health insurance this might mean that the insurance company claims you had a pre-existing condition, which gives them the right to not have to cover medical bills associated with that condition. For example, you may have diabetes or a genetic disease which they they should not have to assume the risk of paying for. In an auto accident, if you sue the at-fault party your insurance company should pay the lawyer’s fee, but you may find that they try to avoid this obligation as well.  You may also have omitted some information on your insurance application by accident, and your insurance company will use that to their advantage, leaving you to pay the price. These claims should not suffer simply because insurance companies want to minimize their costs.

How A Charleston Insurance Lawyer Can Help

At Callihan, Lohr and Syracuse, we believe that honest people deserve the best representation in their insurance appeals. If your insurance claim has been denied, the best thing you can do is act quickly and hire a local, North Charleston lawyer who can fight for your claim. Don’t let the insurance company control your future, get help now with the experienced insurance lawyers at Callihan, Lohr and Syracuse.

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