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Every year, thousands of Americans fall victim to medical malpractice and receive just compensation. But what about Medicaid recipients, who must battle with the states in order to get their fair share of the award? The Supreme Court could affect the extent to which states are allowed to stake claims on malpractice compensation for Medicaid recipients in the future (read more).

Medicaid recipients who win malpractice suits currently aren’t entitled to all the compensation. In this case, North Carolina feels it should be able to stake a claim on a portion of the awards for the malpractice suit to help mitigate the cost of running the Medicaid program. What’s your take? Does the family who experiences hardship deserve all the money, or should the state be entitled to a portion?
Medical malpractice attorneys in North Charleston are equipped to handle your case whether you’re a Medicaid beneficiary or you have private health insurance. Choose CLS Law Firm to help manage your medical malpractice case and fight for your right to fair compensation for your pain and suffering.
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