Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Charleston: Know The Numbers

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In 2012 over $3.5 billion dollars were paid out in medical malpractice cases in the United States, with one payout occurring every 43 minutes. Eighty percent (80%) of malpractice cases involved a case that resulted in brain damage, permanent care, significant personal injury or death, in which almost a third of all malpractice cases involved death.

To get results in your case, you need a medical malpractice lawyer who can help the law work in your favor. Medical malpractice cases require heavy litigation, in which the prosecution and the defense battle tirelessly to get a desirable outcome for their clients. Most cases do not end with a judgment, but rather with a settlement. Ninety three percent (93%) of all medical malpractice cases end in a settlement, which is why you need to have a proven medical malpractice lawyer in Charleston that you can depend on.

We have faith that medical professionals care about their patients and their well being, but what happens when the professionals fail to follow procedure or protocol? The results could affect you for the rest of your life: your health, your finances and your lifestyle.

Callihan, Lohr & Syracuse Law Firm is a diligent and reliable law firm in North Charleston. Katherine C. Lohr practices in medical malpractice law. Her initial experience was representing hospitals in medical malpractice cases, but she has spent the past several years now fighting on the side of the patient.

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