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An article in Sunday’s Post & Courier focused on insurance companies’ use of Colossus, a program that applies data to secret calculations to spit out a “fair settlement offer” for a personal injury claim. At one time the business of insurance was a human endeavor and insurers would send out field agents to meet with people suffering a personal or property loss. Now the business of insurance is a profit over people endeavor according to this article.

north-charleston-injury-attorneysThe Colossus system is only one tool used by the insurance industry to retain as much profit as it can while minimizing the number and amount of payable claims. After a collision, insurance adjusters will ask to take a recorded statement without informing you of your right to say “no”. Health insurance companies will send you a questionnaire after your trip in the emergency room in an effort to recoup payments that it has made on your behalf. Your health insurance benefits booklet even gives your health insurer the right to be repaid from your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, benefits that you expected to have when you paid your auto insurance premiums sometimes to the same company for decades.

As North Charleston personal injury attorneys, we have experience in countering the insurance companies’ tricks and secrets to reduce the amount of personal injury settlements. If you have suffered a personal injury, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the effects various types of insurance can have on your personal injury claim.

Katherine C. “K.C.” Lohr