North Charleston Workers Compensation Attorney – Knowing your Commissioners

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Governor Nikki Haley appointed, and the Senate confirmed, Aisha Taylor to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission on January 31, 2013.  She is to fill the remainder of Commissioner Derrick Williams’ term.  Commissioner Taylor’s appointment will expire in 2014 unless she is reappointed. 

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission is made up of seven commissioners.  The commissioners rotate around the state during the year hearing and deciding different cases assigned to that district.  A single commissioner will stay in one district for approximately two months before moving on to another district.  Commissioners like everyone else have their own personalities and opinions.  The views of one commissioner and how he or she sees an injured worker and a particular case can be completely different than how another commissioner might see the same case.  It is important to know the different commissioners and their preferences to understand how to place your case and client in the best light possible.  The differences in commissioners can be as simple as the order of medical records submitted at a hearing and whether to email or mail certain paperwork.  But, it is very important to know these differences and preferences. 

Therefore, as Commissioner Taylor begins to hear and decide cases, lawyers who practice in the area of workers’ compensation will all be taking note on how to best represent our clients when we come before her.  Congratulations Commissioner Taylor I look forward to having you preside.

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